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Recommendations to avoid non-essential travels don’t work. Recommendations to wear a mask don’t work. Recommendations to avoid large gatherings don’t work. Recommendations to social distance don’t work.

Recommendations do not work.

My old parents live 10,000 kilometres away. Because of the virus spread, we may not be able to ever see each other again. Each time someone doesn’t care about health recommendations, they chip away at our slim hope to hug again. My dad’s health is failing quickly. He knows he won’t last long, and begs me to visit, but Alzheimer blurs his ability to understand why I won’t.

Each time someone doesn’t care about COVID-19 health recommendations my heart fills up with tears, fear and anger.

Recommendations do not work.

Rose Le Calvez, Regina

Don’t continue ‘mistakes’ in Wascana Park

When I mention I grew up in Regina to people familiar with city planning, I often get, “Oh, it has that huge park in the centre of the city.” They don’t know much else about Regina, but they know about or have visited Wascana Park. Founded officially in 1962 with an act of the provincial legislature, it’s a unique achievement among large cities and Regina’s most visible claim to fame.

Now, nearly 60 years later, one of the most basic founding principles for the park — of any park in any city — to not permit for-profit development has been tossed aside. Approving the Conexus building in Wascana Park was an even bigger mistake with a downtown full of gravel parking lots begging for reinvestment.

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