Persian mug

Persian Mug Iranian (Persian) mugs are very famous in the world because of their unique designs that are

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Persian Mug

Iranian (Persian) mugs are very famous in the world because of their unique designs that are decorated with Iranian art. Drinking coffee or tea in a Persian mug with an Iranian design such as calligraphy can make a pleasant time. All of our Persian mugs are glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher. If you are looking for Iranian mugs, we have collected a collection of the most beautiful Iranian mugs in shopiranart.

Persian art is one of the richest art heritages in world history that was greatly affected by Islamic art & patterns creating the new art era of the Persian modern and contemporary art. Acknowledging the beauty of this art, we have created a line that is a mix between this strong heritage & Islamic art which created unique pieces that will always stand out.

History of using mugs or ceramic cups

The use of ceramic cups or mugs dates back to the time of early humans and about six thousand years ago. At that time, each person had an attractive earthenware or wooden cup and it was used to drink different liquids. After more than thousands of years, the use of these ceramic cups has become popular again and has taken place in everyday life today.

There are so many marketing and advertising companies around the world today trying to get everyone to have a mug. Production of various models of ceramic cups has been successful in recent years. Due to the recession in the market for the sale of various glasses, this product has been able to generate very good sales profits.

In ancient times, different models of ceramic cups were used, but the appearance of these mugs was not very similar to modern ceramic mugs. At that time, different models of mugs were made of materials such as mud, bone, wood, stone, etc., and were used by humanity. Also, the use of mugs is not as widespread as it is today and it has only been used for special occasions such as celebrations. But today, unlike in the past, different models are widely used.

What is a thermal Persian mug?

Coffee lovers spend a lot of time finding the best type of coffee, but do they know the best mug? Having a good mug can make a huge difference in enjoying coffee. By eating a coffee in a good mug, you will taste it well. Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, your evening tea, or something in between – this mug’s for you! It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher. On this Mug a bit of Persian Calligraphy Printed.

The mug is the same glass in a bigger estimate and is as a rule made of ceramic or coated. Enchantment or warm mug is one of the alluring sorts of mugs that alter color. Warm mug or enchantment glass is made of ceramic, the external surface of which is impregnated with an uncommon oxidized ink, and when the Persian mug is at typical room temperature, it turns totally dark.

But as long as the hot fluid is poured into the mug, the dark color of the glass continuously changes and a design shows up on the glass or its color changes totally. Actually, with warmth, the oxidized ink coating on the surface of the Persian mug vanishes, due to the curiously property that these mugs have in changing color, which has caused them to become known as the enchantment glass.

Warm mugs are an astonishing and idealized blessing for any individual. These mugs are made of the leading materials and have a tall quality. This mag has gotten a parcel of consideration due to its structure and work

Print patterns and designs on thermal mugs

Printing on warm mugs has no limits and you’ll be able to print any plan and design you need on it. There are materials around us that are touchy to warm and cold and respond to changes in temperature. There are moreover a few materials that alter color with changes in temperature and conditions, from these materials within the manufacture of numerous gadgets.


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