Moe attacks federal throne speech and blames NDP if Trudeau survives

Article content continued“None of the priorities that we have put forward with respect to how we are going to

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“None of the priorities that we have put forward with respect to how we are going to recover the economy here in this province were addressed in this speech from the throne in any way,” he said.

Moe signalled that national unity may be further threatened if the throne speech priorities are realized. “This has been a very divisive government,” he said.

“I think it will continue the discussion around western alienation,” Moe added.

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili found a few things to like in the throne speech. He agreed with Payette’s statement that now is “not the time for austerity.” Meili, like Trudeau, is promising major investments despite tight fiscal conditions.

But he agreed with the premier that there should have been “more deliberate attention to the needs of this province.”

“I believe we could have heard more about the challenges facing Saskatchewan in the short term, and there are important challenges facing oil and gas,” he said. “That’s still a really important industry in this province and it will be for years to come. So we should not be neglecting that.”

Meili hoped that the renewed federal commitment to pharmacare and childcare will provide dollars for his own promises on the campaign trail. The Saskatchewan NDP has already pledged to bring in $25 per day childcare.

“Having federal help to get there, which would reduce the cost here in the province, that’s something that would be welcome,” Meili said.
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