It’s hard to see, even in a room of glass

In time, we will understand everything, but until then, we will have to except that we may not understand ever

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In time, we will understand everything, but until then, we will have to except that we may not understand everything all the time. For some, time flies by; for others, it may drag along. Time can be on your side or seem to be racing against you. Whatever your personal scenario may be, the time is now if your dream is telling you so.

Dear Dream Retriever: I don’t have any children, being 17, nor do I want one being a lesbian with a family history of miscarriages.

But in my dream, I gave birth to a baby boy, and before I could look at him, he was whisked away. I remember sitting in bed waiting hours for the nurses to give him to me. The ceiling and some of the walls were made completely out of glass. A family member got up to ask about my baby, and I ended up waiting longer, getting angrier and angrier. I ended up looking for the nurses myself and found them in an igloo-shaped hallway made completely of glass. They told me that my boy was killed just a couple of hours before by a radiologist.  I heard myself screaming, my throat had tightened, and it felt like a chunk of me had been ripped out. I ran and managed to get on the roof of the hospital, and then I woke up.

I don’t know what this dream means, but it has been eating away at me all day, like I’ve actually lost a baby. — Addy

Dear Addy: The baby boy being born that you don’t see represents information brought forth or into the open that you haven’t had a chance to really look at. Waiting in a room of glass, and then a family member’s actions causing a delay, thus increasing your anger, is a representation of your feelings. Your dream indicates that you are feeling angry and exposed due to a family member putting off information you want to understand.

Finding a nurse in an igloo and learning your baby’s exposure to radiology killed him means your efforts to find comfort (the nurse) have left you feeling isolated, exposed and dead inside.

Lastly, you run up to the roof screaming and wake up, which would indicate where you are, and that is in need of understanding (upstairs), as well as the ability and freedom to express yourself and your feelings.

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