How does one stay positive in these tough times?

Dear Bonnie: I have been watching your “LIVES” on Facebook, and you seem so cheery even when the world is comi

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Dear Bonnie: I have been watching your “LIVES” on Facebook, and you seem so cheery even when the world is coming to a standstill. Is there something you know that we do not? Because this is getting tough. — Kathy

Dear Kathy: I am going through the same tough times as well. My outlook might be a little different, as I know in my heart it is always better to look forward to good things happening instead of focusing on the things that I cannot change.

I can only do my part to help the world and try not to add to others’ pain but to embrace everyone with compassion and love and try to be some sort of inspiration in these darker times.

I heard a saying on television: “Feed your soul.” What exactly does this mean? I took it as, What would help you to feel like you were putting your best foot forward at this time with the resources that are available to you?

I can share with you what my family and friends have been doing to bring some food to your soul while helping others at the same time. Here are some examples, and maybe one or two will resonate with you, or you will think of some ways on your own.

Zoom: This is a great way to stay in touch and see the faces you long to see. Before this, I had not used Zoom. I sat and watched YouTube to learn how and then downloaded the app. Not only did I start using it for business (mediumship readings are great on Zoom), but for taking classes as well. On Easter, my husband’s family and I all gathered from all different states — some wearing bunny ears — and chatted for well over an hour. It was so nice to see family from Florida and Chicago and here and feel like we were all in the same room. My sister-in-law told us all how she was using Zoom to have lunch with her students once a wee. What a great way to give back to children who might be missing the camaraderie of their friends.

Get creative: This is a great time to bring out the paint that has been sitting there because you have wanted to paint a room but haven’t had time. My Facebook friends have been sharing their newly painted and decorated rooms for us all to see. My friend Terry brought out her knitting needle and ordered supplies on the internet and now has a new blanket. How about cooking and baking? Now is the time to make that recipe you have always wanted to make but is too time-consuming. I, for one, make a homemade cake with frosting as well from scratch. Last Christmas, I overheard a guest asking if I made the cookies because they looked great! I heard one of our sons say no they were probably store-bought cookies with canned frosting and sprinkles put on the top all, so they looked handmade. I started to laugh because that’s exactly what I had done because my schedule was so busy. I made sure to get in touch with that son and make sure I told him what I had just made.

Exercise: Raise the feel-good emotions in your body and, at the same time, burn off extra calories you might be consuming from being in the house and gyms being closed. I used to teach Zumba in the day, so again, I used YouTube to bring me to a class and, at the same time, found a Qi-Gong class that I always wanted to try. Where there is a will, there is a way. Dancing around your kitchen can put a smile on your face and that of anyone who’s watching.
Whatever it takes to “feed your soul” at this time is a good thing. When adding something positive, you are spreading that energy into the lives of all your family and friends and even those who you have not met. Say a prayer for each other every day that we will all get through this tough time together, and some good will come out of it in many ways.

We are not blind to those who are suffering and in pain, and we keep them in our prayers. Feed your soul and then find a way to help those you can. No act of kindness goes unnoticed in heaven, and many will appreciate your help in these trying times. Remember those great words — “This too shall pass.” Until then, you all are in my prayers and thoughts. Keep looking up.

Bonnie Page is a medium and spiritual coach and counselor. Her center is closed at this time, but if you would like to ask Bonnie a question for her column, go to or call 978-297-9790. You may also email her at
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