Cam Newton declines to address future, possible extension in New England

Cam Newton may not be a Patriot for long, but for now, he certainly sounds like one.Asked Thursday whether he

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Cam Newton may not be a Patriot for long, but for now, he certainly sounds like one.

Asked Thursday whether he could envision himself in New England long-term, Newton deflected, insisting his only focus is on the team’s next game.

“My focus is short-term. And that has a lot to do with the Las Vegas Raiders,” Newton said. “And I understand where we’re trying to go, and I understand the questions that you’re asking, but I’m gonna say it again. That’s not my focus. If that would have been the case, I would have did more, I would have said more, I would have waited more. It’s irrelevant.”

Newton continued by asserting too many people focus on pursuing money, and that he believes that it will come if day-to-day business is handled first. Earlier this week, Newton said money is not important at this point in his career. In late June, he agreed to a 1-year contract with a base salary of $1.05 million and maximum value of $7.5 million.

What’s presently important to Newton is defeating the Raiders, who will visit Foxboro for a 1 p.m. kickoff Sunday. Las Vegas is one of the few remaining unbeaten teams in the league, coming off a small upset of the Saints on Monday night. The Raiders were also one of a few teams that passed on Newton when he was a free agent this offseason, despite uncertainty at the quarterback position.

“For right now, my main focus is trying to make sure that I am the best quarterback for the New England Patriots as I could possibly be,” Newton said. “And that’s where my head has been, and that’s where it’s gonna stay. My focus is just knowing that I can’t allow anything to distract me.”
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