10 Best Mask-Friendly Costumes for Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020: skip the bars, but don’t skip the costumes. A pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from celebrati

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Halloween 2020: skip the bars, but don’t skip the costumes. A pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year. After all, 2020 has been spookier than most. However you decide to safely celebrate Halloween, you’ll want to wear a face-covering to protect yourself and others. Luckily, masks complement tons of easy costume ideas.

Keep everyone safe this Halloween with these 10 mask-friendly costume ideas.

1. Cowboy

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This classic Halloween costume idea never goes out of style. All you need to do is grab a pair of boots, some denim and your favorite cowboy hat. Instead of tying a red bandana around your neck, pull one above your nose for your mask to be safe on Halloween night. Not a fan of the classic cowboy look? Pair a bright colored cowboy hat with metallic clothing and become a futuristic space cowboy for the night.

2. The Purge

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This 2013 horror movie still inspires Halloween costumes seven years later. Find your favorite version of the Purge mask at almost any Halloween store and pair it with a destructed outfit of your choice. Groups often wear Purge costumes together, so gather a couple of close friends (but not too many) to make this costume idea pop.

3. Skeleton


Skeleton Halloween costumes will forever be a classic Halloween costume idea. Many people typically create their skeleton face with makeup, but this year opt for a skeleton face mask instead. Pair the mask with an all-black outfit or invest in a skeleton bodysuit for the full skeleton look. Either way, you’ll look bad to the bone while being safe and responsible.

4. Doctor or Nurse

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Now that we all have a stash of surgical masks on hand, try the obvious Halloween costume idea of being a doctor or nurse. Buy a pair of scrubs or a lab coat for a simple, affordable costume. If you’re a fan of guts and gore, bloody your costume with red food dye. “I was a bloody nurse for Halloween a few years ago,” Drake University junior Ella Field said. “I captioned my Instagram picture ‘don’t forget to get vaccinated,’ which is really fitting for 2020.” While we may not have the COVID vaccine by Halloween, wearing a mask is the best option we have now—so don’t forget yours on Halloween night.

5. Bank Robber


A bank robber costume is simple to create, and you likely have all the pieces in your everyday closet. Wear all black or choose a black and white striped shirt, black gloves and you’re already halfway done. Bank robber costumes offer a variety of face coverings. One option is a ski mask without a hole in the mouth. Or, wear an eye mask, beanie and a plain black face mask. Either way, this costume covers your face and protects those around you.

6.Your Favorite Video Game Character


Quarantine led to a lot of video gaming in 2020. From Fortnite to Animal Crossing, video game characters make for a unique Halloween costume idea. Best of all, many naturally wear masks.  “[I was thinking about] doing something from Mortal Kombat because some of the characters in that game wear masks,” University of Illinois sophomore Ebad Rana said. If your favorite character doesn’t wear a mask, find a face covering that coordinates well with their color scheme.

7. Jason


This Friday the 13th-inspired costume remains a classic for guys. Pair your Jason mask with an open button-down or flannel and some jeans for an easy costume idea. While the Jason costume does feature a face mask, the holes aren’t great for slowing the spread of COVID. If you choose to be Jason, make sure to rock a cloth face mask under the plastic one.

8. Ghost


A ghost sheet costume may be the most basic Halloween costume ever, but it’s totally COVID-safe. While the costume isn’t the most practical for doing anything on Halloween night, it’s not like you’ll be out at the bars anyway. Even if you won’t be doing anything for Halloween, TikTok made ghost costumes cool again this year. Use the plain sheet and sunglasses for an indie album cover inspired photoshoot.

9. Astronaut

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If you’re looking for a way to get out of wearing a mask, try a full-coverage helmet. You can find an astronaut mask at most costume shops. Plus, they’re easy to make into a couple’s costume, with your partner as an alien. If wearing a helmet all night isn’t your thing, sport a NASA themed mask instead. No matter your face covering, keep your distance from others. You don’t need 200 million miles apart–just six feet.

10. Any Costume

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No matter what you choose to dress up as this Halloween, just add a mask to it. Even if your costume doesn’t traditionally feature a face mask, there’s no shame in adding one. “I love puns so I’m considering being ‘Bone Jovi,’ like Bon Jovi, with a mask that says ‘dyin’ on a prayer,’” said Northern Illinois University junior Morgan Olson. While your costume may not look authentic with a mask, we’ve all added masks to our everyday wardrobes, so there’s no reason your Halloween costume can’t have one as well.

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