Year-round cottagers urge caution for seasonal property owners

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There’s a sprinkling of younger families among Katepwa’s all-year dwellers, but most of them are past their 50s, Jewitt said.

That can have advantages and disadvantages.

“I’m 63 (years old) and I’m one of the younger guys out here,” the mayor said. “So (it’s) a community that was raised on following the rules, you know what I mean? And sometimes there’s a little bit of, ‘will there be friction?’ Maybe … If there’s friction, there’s traction. You need to be reminded.”

Katepwa’s older demographics, however, make it a vulnerable community.

“We’re not nursing-home bound, by any means. But anybody over 60 has got something going on and they wouldn’t want to have to tolerate one of these viruses,” he said.

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