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Since the COVID-19 pandemic period began in March, Pandher has posted with greater frequency.

“I saw how people were really stressed out,” he said. “Everybody was going through some sort of pain. Some people were sharing it and some others were not, but everybody was feeling it, so I decided to create these type of joyful videos to add positivity and happiness.

“Although I know that this is not a real solution, mental health is very important. These type of happy videos help a lot with raising the spirits and creating a smile on your face and creating good mental health.”

The response has heightened his always-buoyant spirits.

“I’m surprised in a good way,” said Pandher, whose website is “I feel very touched. It made me emotional in happiness with the way I received the response from people, from coast to coast to coast.

“Every month after COVID started, just on Twitter, there are one million impressions, or views, on my videos. I couldn’t imagine this. This is huge. This is big.”

Not to mention inspiring.

“This dance has become very important from other points of view — not just from showing the happiness,” Pandher said. “It has helped with bringing people together.

“You know that recently we have a lot of news coming from different politicians. Sometimes that type of news leaves us divided. Through this dance, I try to give a message of unity and coming together.

“I find that people share the same human spirit and they rise above their own personal spaces and they try to connect across different cultures to deliver this message of unity. Through these videos, people are also hearing this message, too, which I find to be great.

“These are tough times in many ways but, other than that, happiness goes on.”

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