Vanstone: Denver Nuggets are now Canada’s Team

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• From the “did you know …?” department: The greatest of all Canadian basketball players, Steve Nash, once resided in Regina. Nash’s parents, John and Jean, emigrated to Canada from South Africa in August of 1975. The family’s first eight months in this country were spent in the Mayfair Apartments, located at the intersection of Retallack Street and 14th Avenue. Nash was recently named the Brooklyn Nets’ head coach.

• The elimination of the Raptors, who were bounced by Boston, provided a much-needed respite from the unabashed cheerleading on the part of several media types who are seemingly allergic to objectivity.

• The NHL is all about cycling (of pucks) and recycling (of head coaches). Witness Tuesday’s eye-glazing announcement that the much-travelled Peter Laviolette is the Washington Capitals’ new bench boss.

• Sean Fitz-Gerald of The Athletic reported the other day that the Sportsnet tandem of Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson will call the Stanley Cup final. A better choice would have been Chris Cuthbert and Louie DeBrusk.

• Sportsnet’s app (which is outstanding, by the way) includes cancelled games on its daily scoreboard. Hence the discomforting reminder that the Saskatchewan Roughriders were to play host to the Calgary Stampeders on Friday night.

• It seems that the Minnesota Vikings have found an innovative way to use cardboard cutouts — as defensive backs.

• The New York Yankees amassed 20 runs against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday. You are free to wonder how long it will take another New York sports franchise, the NFL’s Jets, to put 20 on the scoreboard.


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