Vanstone: Changing tires and changing times during COVID-19

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While splattered all over a state-of-the-art, 1998-model lawn chair outside Fountain Tire’s Victoria Avenue location, I looked up and saw a sign: GOODYEAR.

The irony was not lost on this correspondent.

Good year?


Much of 2020 has been an ordeal due to COVID-19.

I was reminded of the new normal, in more ways than one, while performing the task of having the winter tires replaced by the sleeker spring/summer/fall wheels.

Jason Johnson and his staff at Fountain Tire could not have been friendlier or more helpful. That much did not represent a change.

However, the cordial conversations and business transactions were conducted with social distancing being paramount.

A small container labelled “KEYS” was used as a precaution, whereas a simple handoff had been the norm.

The waiting area was closed, with apologies. Customers were advised in advance to make alternate plans as far as how and where to pass the time.