Trespassers Waltz surveys land in live theatre event near Regina

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“In reading that, I realized that it’s actually a colonial tool, like it’s a means to interject terror into a population so that you can control them,” said Fidelak. “I think some apiarists would take exception with that and I’m by no means criticizing — I love honey — but it’s an interesting idea to understand that that’s actually the bees’ experience.”

She’ll be using a bee smoker, an apiary tool, to draw smoky lines in the air while pacing a “track that goes nowhere.”

Smoke as a symbol of transformation and connection, added Fidelak, will help her ponder knowledge of genocide and “how do we carry that with intention so that we can imagine new ways of being?”

Curtain Razors is one of 11 companies partaking in NAC’s Grand Acts of Theatre.

Artists involved in Trespassers Waltz include Rania Al-Harthi, Skyler Anderson, Pete Kytwayhat, Night Kinistino, Listen to Dis’, Barbara Meneley, Karley Parovsky, Janelle Pewapsconias, Jessie Ray Short, Jeff Morton, Edith Skeard, Misty Wensel, Iftu Ahmed, Heather Cameron, Kendra Kembel, Belle Brown McEwen, Isabella Wishlow, Zenaya Semple, Judy Wensel,Kris Alvarez,Johanna Bundon, Jayden Pfeifer, Sarah Bergbusch, Elizabeth Curry, Raphaele Frigon, Fran Gilboy, Aren Okemaysim, Krista Solheim, I-Ying Wu and others.

Andrew Manera is production manager.

Performances begin at 3 p.m.; spectators can arrive between 3 and 4 p.m. It may take up to 2.5 hours to experience the performances, said Fidelak.


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