Teresa English owes Trump an apology

Clearly, everyone running for office is trying to win points disparaging President Trump. Teresa English is running for office so she felt compelled to endorse an obviously fake and publicly refuted hit piece authored by a fiction writer in the Atlantic.

It was widely reported, then quickly exited news rooms across the country when shown to be clearly false.

The media is invested in vilifying the president at every opportunity, so invested they have forgone standard journalistic practices on story sources and will publish any random story that appeals to them. Small wonder newspapers are folding all over the country and our mainstream media has a lower approval rating than Congress, which is slightly lower than garden slugs.

Every person running for elected office has a choice to work for their constituents and elevate the institution with integrity, or to pander to the lowest common denominator and join the slime. Teresa English, you are not off to a good start.

Steve Sears



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