Street Culture Project executive resigns amid harassment claims

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“During my time at this agency, I experienced near-daily sexual harassment,” she wrote.

It wasn’t long before commenters on the post named SCP.

Browne has since posted responses on both Instagram and Facebook, acknowledging wrongdoing and announcing his resignation.

“I acknowledge that I have taken for granted that the power and privilege I have been afforded as a male as well as my actions have created a toxic and unprofessional environment,” he wrote. “I am very sorry to anyone that has been negatively impacted by my and any one (sic) else’s actions and I promise to all that I have been and will continue to do better … I have always worked towards building a better community and that includes being accountable myself. I will do better. I am sorry for my impact on anyone and everyone.”

He states he will be attending counselling to better understand the impacts of his actions and hopes SCP and its work won’t be “discounted” as a result of this.

Attempts to reach Browne on Friday for comment were unsuccessful.

Sutherland said his organization “sprung into action” upon receiving the first screenshots of the anonymous post.

Browne was suspended on Wednesday pending investigation, a move followed the next day by his resignation. The board of directors was immediately involved and it was decided a third party would be brought in to investigate.

While Sutherland didn’t provide a name, he said the investigator is a lawyer specializing in harassment complaints in the workplace. He said she will set up in such a way as to allow complainants to come forward via a secure portal.


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