SGI suspends road testing during COVID-19 pandemic

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SGI is hitting the brakes on road tests in the province during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Crown’s website, all road tests have been temporarily suspended and no new test appointments are being scheduled.

“These actions are being taken in accordance with social distancing guidance, as driver examiners and customers are unable to adhere to the recommended two metres of spacing in the confines of a vehicle,” read a statement on SGI’s website.

For customers who had a road test cancelled due to the pandemic, SGI will give them priority when testing resumes.

SGI has also closed all branch issuing offices and claims offices to the public. The offices are open by appointment only for certain transactions that have to be completed in person.

Written driving exams will still continue at SGI offices by appointment only and under social distancing guidelines. SGI said customers will be asked health screening questions before they come in to take an exam.

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