Scott Moe denies using recent photo ops for campaigning

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Jim Billington, press secretary to the premier, confirmed the events are funded within existing ministry budgets, as is standard for government events.

Moe wasn’t shy about drawing contrasts between his party and the NDP Opposition.

“You will see some parties that will be running on their records, and you will see other parties that will be running from their records,” said Moe. “Quite frankly this is a party that will be running on our record, and our record includes investments.”

The Saskatchewan Party has been running ads comparing the 57 new or replacement schools it has built over its tenure with school closures under the previous NDP government.

Harbour Landing is in the Regina Pasqua riding, which is expected to be a battleground riding in the coming election, set for Oct. 26.

Moe also appeared at an event this week to announce funding for Saskatoon roads and sidewalks. More announcements are expected in coming days. There will be one in Regina, Moe said, and yet another in La Loche, within a northern riding that’s hardly promising territory for the Saskatchewan Party.

Moe is also expected to appear in Moose Jaw on Thursday for announcements regarding a municipal infrastructure project and also a new school. At least one riding there is considered in play.

The Harbour Landing joint-use school project is intended to address challenges from existing schools that are overcapacity. Moe’s government committed money to planning and design work on the project in the 2020-21 budget, part of a $8.5 million contribution for seven new or rehabilitated schools.


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