Sask. reopening plan to begin May 4, but restaurants, bars, theatres will have to wait

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If that investigation points to a risk of uncontrolled spread, restrictions could snap back in place or future phases delayed.

But Moe said there is no “one metric” that would govern that.

There are a number of metrics, and one of those may be where and why that localized flare up has actually occurred,” he said.

That means the whole plan is subject to change. For the time being, May 4 is the first date on the list. On that day, medical services like dentistry,optometry, physical therapy, optician services, podiatry, occupational therapy and chiropractic treatment would be allowed to reopen.

Fishing and boat launches would also be allowed to reopen on May 4. Golf courses would follow on May 15, then parks and campgrounds on June 1, though they would begin taking online reservations on May 4.