Regina duo makes history in WHL bantam draft

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“I’ve been told I would go in that area — a bit later — but I’m happy to see my name come up that early,” Birnie said. “It wasn’t too big of (a concern) when I went (in the draft) but I was huge on where. Going to a great organization was really important to me. I’m really happy I got that. I’m just so grateful for the opportunity. I’ve heard so much about them. They sound like an amazing place to go live and play.”

Likewise for Oremba, who knew there was some interest from the T-Birds but wasn’t sure how much. He enjoyed a huge second half that helped him shoot up the pre-draft rankings and go from a likely first-rounder to a top-10 pick.

“I was excited when I found out I got drafted by them,” he said. “I was talking to quite a few teams so we didn’t know where I was going. We got a text a couple minutes before (the pick) saying, ‘Do you want to come here?’ I said ‘yeah’ and I’m super pumped. I know some people that have lived in Seattle and they said great things about it. It should be awesome.”

His linemate thinks so too.

“I’m so happy for him,” Birnie added. “He has worked hard for his goal and he accomplished it. Words can’t even describe how great it is.”

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