Mandryk: Sask.’s cautious re-opening plan deserves a chance

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So we basically have three choices: (1) We can outright reject it and carry on with the quarantined status quo that has growing repercussions; (2) We can dissect the plan until there’s nothing left of the plan to bury, or; (3) we can offer constructive criticism, fix problems and try to slowly return to normalcy.

For Moe, this means circling back and reassessing what government should have done — and now can do — better.

It’s great that he allowed Dr. Shahab to take the lead on much of the decision making, but concerns that the plan reads like it was written by old, white businessmen eager to golf are not completely invalid. As has been the problem from the beginning, Moe still needs to reach out to a broader spectrum of ideas and concerns.

Seriously, does NDP Opposition Leader Ryan Meili’s idea of everyone wearing non-medical or homemade mask seem like a stupid idea now that we are seeking solutions for how stores or barbershops can actually function?

But all that said, somebody in the country had to be the first to reopen and given Saskatchewan’s positive numbers that showed only 57 “active” COVID-19 cases as of Thursday, we are about as well positioned as anyone.

We got this. We just need to fix the problems and cautiously move forward.

Mandryk is the political columnist for the Regina Leader-Post and Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

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