Have we lost our collective minds?

There is something insidious going on in this country. I feel like we have lost our collective minds. Common sense has been thrown out with the bath water.

We are supposed to be the best-educated here in Massachusetts, according to the statistics of the intellectual elite. Yet we are going to vote for Joe Biden here in Massachusetts. The man who is suffering from dementia and having his puppet strings pulled by billionaire elites. The same billionaire elites, who want an end to America, the country that is the most free in the world. Hence, why everyone comes here.

They want globalism at the expense of us and our country, to line their pockets and become even richer.
They employ rich elites in sports and Hollywood — multi millionaires who tell us blue collar hard working people just trying to make enough to feed our kids — that we suffer from privilege. To rub salt in the wound they call it “white” privilege. They create division and unleash their brownshirts on America (Antifa and Black Lives Matter) and then call us fascists. Wake up, people. This Democrat party is not the party of J.F.K.

If you want to see a real Democrat, look at your own governor. Charles Baker is what a Democrat used to look like. You are voting for communists and socialists if you vote “Demon-rat.” You reap what you sow.

Kevin Scott



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