Don’t let skeptics bring you down

Dear Bonnie: I started out on a new journey with my gifts as a psychic medium and I thought I would have a lot of support from my family. It turns out, however, that nobody even wants to talk about the business I started or how I am doing. It hurts my feelings, and I am not sure how to handle the situation. — Colby

Dear Colby: There are times when we just need to believe in ourselves, our goals and our dreams, even if the ones around us do not seem interested or supportive. Turn inward to find the strength you need to pursue those gifts.

The spirit world has your back, and you can always know with certainty that if you are using your gifts for the right reasons, then you will have all the support you need.

I know the spiritual journey can be a lonely one. My side of the family are all spiritual because the spiritual gifts comes down through the generations on my mother’s side of the family. Even though they are not using their gifts as a full-time profession, they understand the spirit world.

However, my husband’s family can be very skeptical and are almost afraid of mentioning what I do. It is disappointing. But I must remember that if I weren’t seeing, hearing and feeling the spiritual world, would I be able to accept or understand?

It also can be a religious belief that what you or I am doing can be against the Bible, but I assure you I heard the voice of God asking me to pursue my gifts, and when I asked why I heard, “Because the world is becoming a darker place and we need more light.”

Whenever anyone says anything to me about my gifts in a nonsupportive way, I always remember why I do the work I do. Find a teacher, friend or mentor, someone who does believe in you, and keep them close. Their belief in you can bolster you and offer support when you need it. Having that special person in you life who believes in your abilities is sometimes all you need to keep going.

Create a vision of the future so when you feel uncertain, you can fall back on this vision and keep going. Let your doubts fall to the wayside, and focus on what you seek. The more you can focus on your goals and what you want, the more quickly the universe can open a path for you and offer guidance.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and spiritual life coach. She is available by calling her office at 978-297-9790. If you have a question for Bonnie’s Column, visit or visit


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