Cook Residence owner proposes 16-unit condo on site of heritage property

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The proposal also includes and underground parking garage for 32 cars. During construction of the parkade, the facade of the home would be moved off site. The rest of the building would be demolished and a three storey addition would built on the property.

“This council wants this project. They maybe, just maybe don’t like the person presenting it,” said Lien with a laugh.

REGINA, SASK : October 1, 2019 -- The Cook Residence, located at 3160 Albert Street. BRANDON HARDER/ Regina Leader-Post
The Cook Residence, located at 3160 Albert Street. Photo by BRANDON HARDER /Regina Leader-Post

But this development means Bob Neumann, who moved into a home across the alley from the Cook Residence back in 1992, would have a three-storey condo building to look at instead of a historic home.

‘We’re not happy about it obviously,” he said. “We didn’t really see this coming when we bought in the neighbourhood.”

Back when Lien’s first proposal to develop the land and demolish the home was before council, Coun. Bob Hawkins (Ward 2) said tearing it down would be “an offence to our city’s future.”

Hawkins was again fiery in opposition to the proposal.

“This is round two in a much more dramatic way,” said Hawkins. “I’m very disturbed that he would seek an exemption from the Heritage Bylaw that we just, as a city, have declared an important heritage landmark.”

Hawkins said he feels this categorically does not respect the designation of the Cook residence as heritage property.

“It destroys the neighbourhood. It’s totally incompatible,” said Hawkins. “The residents in this area completely oppose it.”

Neumann is concerned that if council approves of the development that it could set a precedence in the city and other heritage properties could be converted into similar properties.


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