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My Study Abroad Experience: A Not So Roman Holiday

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When I found out that St. John’s University offered multiple fantastic study abroad programs, I was all for it.

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I planned what semester to go away and what countries to visit; I felt thrilled that I could finally visit places I had only witnessed in movies or pictures. So, when an opportunity came for me to go to Rome for a week with my theology class, I couldn’t say no. I figured it could represent a good warm-up for when I went abroad for the semester. We would be going from Jan. 6 to the 14th, and for the first few months before the trip, I was so excited.

The Colosseum, the Vatican, the catacombs: all places I was dying to go to! But things never turn out quite as we picture it.

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However, when I landed at the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome, I kn...

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Top 10 Collegiate Gymnastics Programs in the U.S.

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Nastia Liukin. Gabby Douglas. Simone Biles. If your life revolves around flipping and somersaulting through the air like these famous Olympic gymnasts, numerous colleges across the country offer this opportunity. Whether you hope to become the next Nadia Comaneci or just enjoy watching the craft itself, collegiate gymnastics offers a unique college experience. Remember that stats and scores don’t account for everything. After all, the team’s coaches, team spirit, training facility and academic standing make a gymnastics program shine even more.

Read on for CM’s top 10 collegiate gymnastics programs making ranks and for good reasons.

10. University of Michigan

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If you want a team that treats each other like family and works like a well-oiled machine, you’ll find one just...

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Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Ambitious in College?

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Ever hear of the saying that too much of something is never good for you? Yeah, here’s your confirmation proving that saying absolutely holds true. My ambition drove me to do things I never thought I could summon the confidence to achieve. To do those things I needed to do regardless of everything else because I couldn’t live my life with the thought of not doing it. However, the same ambition that drove me to push the limits of my comfortable boundaries also drove me to the brink of exhaustion. How do you handle ambition without wearing yourself down? 

Fortunately, I learned the importance of balance concerning my social life, education, work schedule and personal time my sophomore year of college.


Non-English majors always underestimate the massive workload that English ma...

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10 Best Mask-Friendly Costumes for Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020: skip the bars, but don’t skip the costumes. A pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year. After all, 2020 has been spookier than most. However you decide to safely celebrate Halloween, you’ll want to wear a face-covering to protect yourself and others. Luckily, masks complement tons of easy costume ideas.

Keep everyone safe this Halloween with these 10 mask-friendly costume ideas.

1. Cowboy

mask costume ideas

This classic Halloween costume idea never goes out of style. All you need to do is grab a pair of boots, some denim and your favorite cowboy hat. Instead of tying a red bandana around your neck, pull one above your nose for your mask to be safe on Halloween night...

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10 COVID-19 Safe Road Trips from Drake University

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While this school year definitely looks different, there’s still ways to get out of your room and travel with your friends. You’re only in college once, so making the most out of your time and taking some much-deserved weekend getaways is always a great idea—as long as you’re being safe and responsible. Pack your masks and hand sanitizer, because we have some great COVID-friendly midwestern road trips ideas that will get you out of your mid-semester slump.

Check out 10 essential road trips in the Midwest for Drake students looking to get a break.

1. Iowa City, Iowa


Looking for a quick day trip? Iowa City, home of University of Iowa, lay just shy of two hours from Des Moines. Often called the “Athens of the Midwest,” Iowa City’s mix of college life and rich cult...

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Being a Queer Student Has Been Hard, But Not for the Reason You Think

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I met my best friend during my first semester at college when I hit on her at a house party. A friendly girl with dynamic eyes and carefree disposition, I couldn’t help but approach her. We were hitting it off when she suggested we hang out in my dorm, to which I immediately agreed. I was chivalrous, even offering her my jean jacket for the cold walk home. As some pizza rolls warmed up in the microwave, I clumsily admitted to her “I think you’re cute…in a gay way.” She smiled at me with sympathy and let me down easy: she was straight, but she still wanted to be friends.

This would be the first of many failed attempts at queer love at my small Midwestern college. I gained a best friend that night, but I also got a glimpse of what lay ahead for the next four years…


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Quarantine Made Me Do It: A Guide on How to Use TikTok

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So, you decided to make the big move to download TikTok (and follow us @CollegeMagazine while you’re at it). Whether it is to find Charlie D’Amelio’s new viral dance video or Noah Beck’s latest thirst traps, TikTok is a place for everyone. Before you add a ring light and phone stand to your amazon cart, you need a proper introduction to the world of TikTok. With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok continues to grow as a platform with endless social media exposure opportunities. In July, TikTok announced a $22 million creator fund to pay creators who become extremely popular. Before you begin daydreaming of creating your own drink at Dunkin Donuts, like Charlie, you must know how to use TikTok.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to navigating the world of TikTok and eleva...

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Top 10 YouTube Workouts to Try Out During Quarantine

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While quarantine restrictions are slowly lifting, many gyms still remain closed. Many of us are looking to drop those extra quarantine pounds. From at-home workouts to partner workouts, the Internet contains so many different ways to get active while staying safe.

Below are 10 effective and free YouTube workouts that require little or no equipment and can be done in limited space.

1. The 30-minute glowing-goddess

At the end of this yoga workout, you will feel like the glowing goddess/god you truly are. This video will leave you with a body-mind connection that will help for overall wellness. So, step out of your sweatpants and take some time to stretch and relax with this soothing yoga video...

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Don’t Be THAT Employee: How to Quit a Job the Right Way

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Working a part-time job while going to school can seem challenging for any student. Between the grueling hours of homework and time spent working, it seems like the business never stops. Maybe clarity struck and you decided that your job no longer meshes with your lifestyle, and now is the time to quit. Maybe another opportunity that better aligns with what you want to do came along.

Here are five tips coming straight from a boss on how to quit a job.

1. Give a two weeks’ notice

how to quit a job

Part of quitting a job and leaving on good terms requires giving two weeks’ notice. You need to let your employer know that you plan on leaving so they can hire a replacement if needed. A final working date provides a cushion for employers to work with...

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10 Best Ways to Celebrate a COVID-Safe Halloween

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As one of college’s biggest party nights of the year, Halloween usually never disappoints even the wildest of students. During a pandemic, it will look a little different, but that doesn’t mean we need to cancel everyone’s favorite spooky holiday completely. Believe it or not, you can still throw an unforgettable celebration, either in the great outdoors or from the comfort of your own dorm room.

Read on for 10 safe ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19.

1. Watch a spooky movie

halloween ideas

No matter how much you might love to go out, nothing quite compares to cozying up in your PJs and watching a movie. “Consider pooling your money to rent or purchase a projector and watch your favorite scary movie with a handful of friends on the wall of your house,” said Lisa Schrader, di...

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